Thursday, June 11, 2015

Play and Learn in the Tech Sandbox

Let's review

We will call our tools devices.
Where are they?
How did you find them?
Where will you find them tomorrow?

Let's talk about Digital Citizenship

Respect yourself.
Respect others.
Only use your stuff.
Only Señor McCright may add apps to the iPads.

Let's do Science

Click on Leaf Snap and try to identify the leaves.
How else can we solve the problem of identifying the tree from which the leaf comes?
Click on Chrome.

Let's try a new logic game

Click on Flow Free.

Let's do more Science

Click on Bill Nye the Science Guy
Click on DIY Lake Science.
What are you learning?

Let's do Art

Use IdeaStorm or How to Draw.
Challenge #1:  Create an image with only Black and White
Challenge #2:  Create an image with only Red, Blue and Green
Challenge #3:  Create an image with more than 4 different colors.

Let's evaluate an app

Every day you must evaluate the apps and tools you used.  Tell Señor McCright what you liked and did not like.

Let's talk about Brain Breaks

When you want to take a break from your project you may use one of these apps:
-Marco Polo:  word searches
-Penguin Math
-Google Maps:  find your house, your school, New York City
-Khan Academy:  practice your Math
-Duolinguo:  learn a language



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