It is more common than you think

If you are sitting in a place where there are people around you, look at the first person to the left of you. Now look at the first person to the right. Now take a second, smile, get their attention and ask them how their day is going? In most cases, they would give you a version of their day that they thought you wanted to hear. They wouldn't tell you how they were REALLY doing. They would do this because they THOUGHT telling you about their life in a way that was positive would help make them feel better. Most people will do this, but most people are not telling you the truth when you ask them how their day is going. They feel better telling you about the surface of the situation. And why not? You are some random person who just asked them a question. Now imagine if you asked your mother, father, brother, sister, or closest, bestest friend the same question. Would they give you a surface answer? Or would they tell you how they are REALLY doing? The sad truth is, most people, be it a stranger, friends, or even family, feel that if you admit that you are struggling, it is admission that you have failed at something. It is like admitting that "I don't really know what I am doing with my life and I don't know how to change it." But the reality is, a lot of us struggle. Everyday we are reminded by these lingering thoughts floating around our heads. Everyday we interact with others who are also in a constant struggle. Some deny this struggle and go on with their lives not admitting to them and not seeking to change them. So they push the thoughts further back into the cortex's of their brains and surround themselves with false happiness. It is easier to turn on the TV and to temporarily rid yourself of thinking, and your lingering, struggling thoughts. Those lingering thoughts, they are telling you something. They are saying, "pay attention to me" but still you don't. Why not? Because it is the easy way out.

True happiness takes hard work, and discipline.You can make the decision to DEAL with these lingering thoughts, and attack them head on. Take one thought, break it down to its simplest form and spend 10 minutes from this moment on and everyday for one week trying to figure out how to make that lingering thought go away. After some time, you WILL come up with a plan on how to attack it, efficiently and effectively. Once you have discovered that YOU control your mind, you will start to see the positive impact of admitting your struggles. Maybe not to others at first if you don't feel comfortable, but you can't lie to yourself. If you admit you need help, you have taken the first step. Most people won't. Most people will go on living their lives in this matrix of trying to keep on a smile when really, they are struggling like you and me. Rid yourself of your struggles--and the lingering thoughts. Take the first step. I know you can do it. We can do it together.