Journal Entry Number #2

I'm a Shogun
Rules for Japanese group:
Samurai are forbidden to participate in Trades or business, and they will have very little choice in their lives. These rules will be so they can focus on protecting the people and carrying out their duties.
They are here for forbidden to be involved in drugs and will need special permission to leave. They shall not become involved in trade or business. These rules are here because I want Peasants to become  more focused on their work.
They can not choose their craft but inherit it from their father. They, like the peasants must have special permission to leave the city. That way thy are well contained and are trained to only focus on their work.
There are government spies looking and spying on them so they must be careful. They must show off their wealth and they are here fore not allowed to trade with foreigners without special permission from me, the shogun. the reason is because I want them to trad within japan but not so that foreigners get the advantage.

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