Confucianism Character Collage

         The philosopher Confucius created the philosophy of Confucianism. Confucius created this philosophy because, "he saw the society and government had to change," states History Alive textbook. Confucius saw much disorder in China and wanted to create peace and show people respect. "The goal of Confucianism was to achieve a just and peaceful society." Confucius wanted everyone to respect each other and set examples as well.  "According to Confucianism, there are five basic relationships between people: ruler and subject, husband and wife, father and son, older sibling and younger sibling, and friend and friend."   According to Confucius, all followers must respect their elders, and all elders must set a good example. In the end, Confucius created a respected and just society.

        As said earlier, the one of the goals of Confucianism was to gain a just and peaceful society.  "Confucius taught that society worked well when all people used standards of good behavior in their roles and in their relationships with others," recites History Alive textbook.  This means that Confucius thought that as long as everyone was kind to each other, his 'alliance' would survive.  Being kind meant respecting you elders, as I mentioned above.  "All people must respect and those who are above them in status."  Pictured above is a ruler and his subject, an example of the 'five relationships'.  To conclude, respect was a major piece of this philosophy.

        Here is a photo of The Analects.  The Analects are a book of Confucius sayings created by scholars after his death.  The History Alive textbook says, "The philosophy of Confucius attracted a number of students who spread his ideas and teachings."  This book gives wise and practical sayings that can help you resolve problems or prepare yourself for the future.  Here is an example: "The gentleman first practices what he preaches the preaches what he practices."  This example might mean to learn about something, and then spread the information to others.  The Analects are full of sayings like this.

         Confucianism had a large effect on the next dynasty.  "In China, civil servants were usually sons of nobles,"  explains History Alive textbook.  Although, this did not mean that they were capable of this job.  " The influence of Confucianism led Han leaders to hire civil servants on the basis of their ability."  If you wanted to become a civil servant, your education had to be tested.  You had to know lots about Chinese culture.  For example, you had to know, "the proper behavior required of people in the various roles in society, from laborers to government officials."  Sons of nobles were no longer allowed o automatically become a civil servant.

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