science lab


Read all instructions carefully.When ever your experiment is over with clean up your mess.Dont be a pig at the end of class.Make sure you were the right clothes in your expirament like goggles to protect your eyes from heating or mix chemicals.Were a lab coat to protect your clothes from boiling water or flames.Were your gloves to hold your tubes with chemicals.Do not were sandles or flip flops.Were shoes.Dont bring food into the lab.Orginze your lab for your experiment.Be careful with your tubes and do not nock over them Handle your chemicals properly.Smell the chemicals to identify your activity to at least  protect your nose hair by holding the chemical Ten inches away from your nose hair.Do not end up like him.

scince projects can be for any one even the muppets.Do not horse play in the lab it can lead to bad wounds like cuts our big scars and broken could end up looking like her if you don't follow the instructions givin.

  • science can be all different kind of colors like red our blue our any color.  
  • practice good fire safety skills in case of an explosions u
  • Stop, drop and roll if your on fire.yKQq,  
  • always wear gloves so your skin will not get burned.
  • Gloves are for you to protect your skin
  • do not smell directly,waft
  • How the lab activity ten inches away
  • Wear your goggles to protect your face from heating.
  • You will never know when something could spill or splash.
  • do not horse play in the lab
  • It could lead to injures
  • Do not eat or drink in the lab
  • It could spill into the chemical and turn into poison.

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