The Stayfine Diet inventor discusses why his new company, STAYFINE WATER is an asset for today's world.

ON THE COMPETITION - I'M PROMOTING MY 8 GLASSES CAMPAIGN, as a brand distinction. I seek to speak to millennials especially about the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water a day as a "lifestyle edge." Today's generation wants to sustain a lifestyle. Stayfine Water - the "Planet's Perfect Water" will help them stay fit.intelligent.natural.energetic.

WHY DID YOU START STAYFINE WATER - AS PEOPLE GROW from primary school to a profession - like plants - they need water. They'll need 8 glasses a day to truly sustain a healthy lifestyle. They also want to participate in community. The Stayfine Water "8 Glasses Campaign" is a global movement. We can provide 8 glasses of water per day to children worldwide when people buy and drink Stayfine Water.

STAYFINE WATER VISION - THE PLAN is to build a global "WELL" short for: 'Worldwide.Enterprise.Lifting.Life."