Jerry spinelli

The birds that were in the sky suddenly weren't in the the sky only, feathers fluttering the Novel wringer is a book about a kid who dosent what to tacke on the family business. The theme is about don't be something your not.

the paragraha is about how he dose not see the pigeons in the air anymore. The birds in the sky suddenly weren't in the sky only, feathers fluttering.this quote shows that he notices there aren't any birds in the sky.it supports the theme because it shows that the birds might be getting killed.

Palmer dosent like to kill birds because he thinks it's awful.Also because their killing insistent wild life. The shooter was slipping shells into his twin barrel shot gun. The shooter was getting ready to kill some pigeons. Mean while Palmer is watching this happen and he dosent like it at all. Because he is a animal lover and dosent like to see them harmed.

In conclusion Palmer dose not want to be a wringer but it's worst because it's in his family.

his family is killing pigeons for money to fix up the city park, there's five birds men, and only one day to tur'em in to fertilizer. Every dead birdie means five bucks to maintain this here park you're standing in.

palmer dose not want to be in the family business, but everyone is telling him he needs to be. Being a wringer is the family job but every time you kill a pigeon you get cash money.

the story is about don't be something your not.mif your family wants you to do something crazy, or be something and you don't want to be just tell them, it should never be hard to tell your parents something

being something your not means your living a lie , because your living your family's life not yours. Tell them no if you don't want.You should not be scared of your parents/most of the time📝📃...

work sited: Spinelli,jerry. Wringer

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