My Feelings Survey

Being Loyal to your Family👪- I agree that being loyal to your family is important. I feel it is important because your family are the ones that take care of you and support you. The reason I didn't say strongly agree is because some people have really mean families and they don't deserve to be loyal too. Sometimes even your friends could be more loyal to you than family.Laws of God are more important than laws made by Government- I agree that laws of God are more important than laws made by the government. I believe this because every one has there on religous beliefs. I didn't say strongly agree because people could use that as an excuse like "the gods told me to kill him".Everyone Should Follow The Law- I agree with this because if everyone didn't follow the law, the world would be chaos. I didn't believe that I should strongly agree because some laws are not reasonible. Sometimes people get overly punished for little crimes.

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