Burkina Faso

Quick Facts

-About 19 million people

-Capital is Ouagadougou

-Little bit bigger than Colorado

-Mostly Muslim

-45 is life expectancy

The Culture

-Burkina Faso means "land of the honest people", the people pride themselves on being honest and truthful

-There are more than 60 ethnic groups, all with their own way of life and languages

-The most widespread language is French

-There's a lot of intermixing, and helping one another despite differences

-Most people can play an instrument because music is a vital part of everyday life

-Horses are almost sacred there. Almost everyone has one because they are "your wife, your car, your colleague, your best friend"

-Many refugees flee there because they know they'll be taken care of

-Although it's a Muslim culture, it's very relaxed with no harsh rules on women and equality for all is spread

-They are trying to get a different government with protests

-They have cities, but also poor villages

A short video made by the people of Burkina Faso

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