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Here you will find how the relationship between Egypt and Kush changed our world.

The picture shows a Kushite and a Assyrian fighting.

1600-1100 B.C.E

Kush was the greatest civilization in Africa, it was also known for its rich mines and gold. It`s location and natural resources made it an important trading hub. Many times Egypt raided Kush or took control over parts of their territory. At this time Egypt's power was at its height, Egypt used their power to conquer Kush. While Kush was under Egypts control, its society became Ëgyptianized".

The picture above shows egypt invading Kush, but Kush tries to defend themself,

730-650 B.C. E.

After the collapse of the New Kingdom, Eygypt fell into political chaos. At least 10 egyiptian kingdoms faught each other for power, that made Egypt weak and unstable. This way Kush conquered Egypt and extended its territory 1,500 miles. Later then, Egypt was being threatened by Assyrians and made Kushites get out of Egypt.

This image below shows Kush's pharaoh, ( The person wearing a crown and othr gold accesories) making the Egyptians be on their knes for him.

590-410 B.C.E.

This time Egypt invaded Kush and destoyed its capital city, Napata. So the Kushites made Meroë their new capital city, this time it was safely out of Egypts reach. It became well known for producing iron, the Assyrians triumphed over the Kushites. The Kushites were determined to equal the Assyrians.

This picture shows Kushites making weapons made of iron.

300’s B.C.C-350 C.E

Queen Amanirenas fought against Rome, the battle lasted five years. The Kushites won the battle, but the queen lost one eye during this battle. At the end of this century Rome signed a peace treaty with Kush .

This picture shows Qween Amanirenas and the people from Kush going back to their land after winning the battle against Rome.

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