Trip to 1969 - Tanner Upchurch

The time machine malfunctioned! I was in 1969 with no way back to 2025. I soon realize once I'm there that 1969 is a very different time. I start getting weird looks from people walking along the street, some to work and others just walking. I saw many newspapers about new technology that was coming around. The newspaper told of the internet and that the first message between two computers had been sent through a network and the internet, something that is such a huge thing in my time, had just got it's humble beginnings. As I walk along I see people give me weird looks and murmur in the groups while still looking at me. I wondered why I was getting the weird looks for a minute before I realized that the clothes I was wearing were no where close to this fashion during this time period, I needed to find new clothes fast. With the money I had in my pocket from my trip in the time machine I was able to buy a new shirt and pants and I would be able to walk along with no weird looks.

I sat in a restaraunt eating when I heard two men across the restaurant from me talking about the space race, it was at this time I realized that the year 1969 was the year the first moon landing had taken place. If I was going to be stuck in this time period I had better at least experience that! The men left while leaving a newspaper behind. I went to pick up the newspaper and it read that the Apollo 11 mission would be landing on the moon today marking one of the biggest events in human history to date. It also read that the landing would be broadcast over live television. I had to find a way to watch it. I was running around looking for a TV to watch it on when I spotted a TV store with people crowded around the front window, then I saw it, the moon landing was taking place at that moment. I half shoved, half squeezed through the crowd to the front where I could see the TVs and I got there just in time to hear the sound of Neil Armstrong's famous words, muffled through the glass I heard "That's one small step for man... One giant leap for mankind." It was one of the most awe inspiring things I had ever seen. I knew there was a small chance to get back home to my time but even if I couldn't 1969 wasn't a bad time and in one day I saw the moon landing and read about the begginings of the internet as they happened.

Get Back by The Beatles was one of the most popular songs in 1969

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