Leaf Miner

By: Anna & Madi

Leaf Miner is a chewing insect pest

Leaf Miner is the larva of an insect that eats away the leaves and allows bacteria and viruses to enter the plant

Causes cosmetic damage, leaves drying out, or even defoliation. Then later may affect the yield of the plant.

Since leaf miners allow bacteria and viruses to inter the plant, many other issues can evolve due to the other pests.

If left untreated, leaf miners will eat so much of the leaf, the leaf will be unable to go through photosynthesis and the leaf will die and fall off the tree.

Organic control methods work best when fighting leaf miner problems. Some recommended products are: sticky traps ($ 4.95), BioNeem ($12.95), and Pyrethrin ($13.50)

The ideal pest management plan would be to use a molluscicide (chemical control), then you should use biological control, then mechanical control, lastly you can use cultural control.

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