12 Ways Smartphones Can Mess Up Your Life

1. People freak out when you don’t answer texts quickly.

2. It’s so easy to accidentally send the wrong texts to people.

3. And when you make a mistake, people can screenshot it.

4. People pretend they don’t get your text messages.

5. And private messages you send on your phone can become tweets in an instant.

6. It’s almost impossible to know what your phone may put into the “Cloud.”

7. Or to tell what someone looks like from their photos alone.

8. Sometimes you just can’t tell if unsolicited nudes are “accidental” texts.

9. And your phone might actually butt-dial your girl while you’re with someone else:

10. …but if your phone gets you caught, don’t even try to lie:

11. Seriously, in the smartphone era, don’t just whip out some lame excuse via an easy text message.

12. But whatever chaos your phone causes you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Pretty much EVERYONE is messing up.