Acadian - Acadia (1775)

Mid- July, 1754

To: Andre Bernard

Paris, France

Dear Andre

I'm writing to you to let you know that I'm alright. Life in the "New World" has been an interesting one. Since government of France pretty much left Acadia to survive on its own without support, we were forced to rely with each other. Living conditions here are not as bad as you would think. Although far from the glamours of old-France herself, life is pretty simple. We were a small tight-knit community of farmers that would always look out for each other. There were also fishermen that catches cod for a living and those were valuable for our survival. Our community is currently in good relationship with the Natives, more specifically the Mi'kmaqs. We've had established a partnership in order to support each other. We are still under the British rule and the conflict between France and Britain wouldn't end soon. The British tried to make us swear an oath, but we refused to swear allegiance to anyone. Instead we compromised and promised not to take part in the war between Britain and France. Even so they are still suspicious of our intentions. I fear that it wouldn't be long that I would see you again not too soon.

Your Dear Friend

Pierre Larouche


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