Ohio UPC: Meet the Board Members!


Samantha Caulfield is the current President of Ohio UPC. As the president, she is in charge of leading the organization and its weekly board meetings. She oversees all internal functions and make sure that the organization is carrying out its responsibilities to its fullest.

Samantha can be contacted at sc221309@ohio.edu.

Vice President

Amanda Hefflinger is the current Vice President. Her responsibilities include overseeing the event planning associates and alumni and sitting as an advisor on the vice chair board. She is also responsible for organizing professional development opportunities for EPAs, vice chairs and executives.

Contact Amanda at ah293209@ohio.edu.


Alex Molnar is the current treasurer, and he is responsible for the finances of the organization and works with the board, budgeting a full year of programs. He also sits on the Senate Appropriations Commission representing UPC and programming experience. The Executive Vice Chair oversees the Vice Chair board.

Contact Alex at am575311@ohio.edu!

Communications Director

Katie Cameron is the current Communications Director for Ohio UPC. She oversees the graphic designers and the public relations, social media and multimedia chairs. The Communications Director assigns tasks, sets deadlines and initiates new outreach programs.

Reach Katie at kc313010@ohio.edu.

University Events Team

Victoria Vincent and Justine Price (VC) serve as the University Events team. They work on planning and executing events during special weekends, such as parent's, dad's, sib's and mom's weekend. They also work closely with university officials to coordinate reservations and book contracts for large scale events.

Contact them at vv246109@ohio.edu and jp216209@ohio.edu!

Live Entertainment Team

Jordyn Humphrey and Jordan Tyner (VC) serve as the Ohio UPC live entertainment team. The Live Entertainment executives work to find affordable entertainment that is appealing to students. This can include concerts, comedians, small bands etc. A large responsibility is working with managers and artist contracts.

Contact Jordyn and Jordan at jh569010@ohio.edu and jt236310@ohio.edu!

Creative Events Team

Nicole Sirpilla, Kasi Reed and Mackenzie Kucharsky serve as chairpeople for this team. Vice Chairs are Mary Kate Taulbee, Marc Robisch and Devin Rhodes.

They can be contacted at ns286109@ohio.edu, kr243411@ohio.edu, mk309210@ohio.edu, mt690810@ohio.edu, mr066010@ohio.edu, and dr199010@ohio.edu.

Public Relations

Chelsea Geyer is the chair of Public Relations. She promotes all UPC events through facebook and twitter, marketing, promotion and send press releases to news venues. She also delivers invitations to other student organizations and faculty and staff at OU.

Contact Chelsea at cg406210@ohio.edu!

Design Team

Arielle Busch and Joey Buccini serve as the design team. Together, the designers creatively develop and produce all posters, handbills, baker displays, banners and t-shirts. They work as a team to promote UPC and its events through print and online graphics.

Contact the design team at ab372909@ohio.edu and jb428010@ohio.edu.

Social Media

Jennifer Joseph is the Social Media chair. She manages the UPC Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Jennifer also shares information about upcoming events and hosts online contests to build UPC’s following.

Contact Jennifer at j246509@ohio.edu!

Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants Blair Crombie and Kelsey King are serving as Graduate Assistants for Ohio UPC. They can be contacted at bc140508@ohio.edu and kk264608@ohio.edu.

Faculty Advisor

Matt Thomson is the Faculty Advisor for Ohio UPC. You can contact him at thomsonm@ohio.edu!