What is an electromagnet?

"A soft metal core made into a magnet by the passage of electric current through a coil surrounding it." An electromagnet is a magnet that is created using an electric current -- created by electricity. A coil is wrapped around an iron core causing the coil and electric current flows through it - creating a magnetic field around the coil.

How do you make it stronger?

The strength is increased if you wrap the cool around an iron core, adding more turns to the coil and increasing the current flowing through the coil.

What are electromagnets used for?

As electromagnets can be turned on and off, they are used in many appliances like the refrigerator and doorbell. Electromagnets are also used in powerful tools for heavy lifting as they can be turned on and off.

Why are electromagnets easier to use than simple magnets?

They can be switched on and off as well as changing the strength of the magnetic field by altering the current. They can easily be made into a variety of shapes and are less expensive to make.

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