This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.  


There has been a massive oil spill .  Your job is to save Casco Bay!

  • To demonstrate what happen in an oil spill, fill a glass bottle two-thirds full of water.  Add blue food coloring to make the 'ocean'.  
  • Pour 1/2-inch of cooking oil into the bottle.  This is the "oil spill".
  • Put on the cap and shake the bottle vigorously.  


Your job is to clean up the oil spill before it pollutes the ocean, animals, and the shoreline.  

  • To a large pan of water with a sandy shoreline (mound of sand at one end), add cooking oil to simulate a spill.  
  • Please choose 3 materials for this list to assist with the clean-up.
  • cotton balls; straw; panty hose; paper towels; popcorn; sponges; sand; bandage pads; popsicle sticks; liquid dishwashing detergent.


So, what can we as consumers do to mitigate oil spills?

  • Drive less
  • Lower thermostats
  • Use alternative forms of energy
  • Use fewer oil-based products
  • Demand, and be willing to pay for, safer transport mechanisms like double-hulled tankers

As an environmentalist, you are tasked with designing an ad campaign that will heighten awareness of oil spills and how they can be prevented.