Medieval Weapons and Armor

By: Lindsey Ciaccio

         In the picture above shows a few weapons the people who lived the the Middle Ages   ( Medieval Times ) used to protect themselves and their families. The most common weapon for them was the swords and the axes. These weapons were used during a war or a battle. These weapons were not used to play with, when they had to use them, the knights would use them the right way so he wont get hurt but also to protect others from the enemies weapons. Before they used these weapons they had to train and know how to use these weapons to be safe during a battle or war.




          The picture of the Knigt and the labled armor shows us where each piece of armor lies on the Knight. The knights armor was not comfortable at all, but they had to wear it during war or any battles to protect their boby from any damage. The Breastplate and the helmet ar very important to wear during any battles becayuse the Breastplate protects your heart and lungs and the helmet protects their head from any impacts of a sword or any type of weapon.


Medieval War Horse

         For the Knights or any other person who lived in the Medieval Times, the most popular way they got around was by a horse. Horses were mainly used during a battle so it was easier for the Knights to attack and get around much quicker. They would usually put protective equipment that looked like armor on the Horse so the Horse does not get hurt. The colors on the Equipment represented the teams colors.


Reinactment of the Medieval Times

          As you can see in the picture above is a Reinactment of the Medieval Times. This is not just a reinactment, but its also a family friendly place to go and eat and enjoy the show. The weapon the red knight is using is called a Danish Axe. In the reinactment all the weapons are real, but they are professionals so they know how to use them and handle them. As you can see they are not wearing any metal armor, they are wearing a gournment with the colors of their teams on it. This reinactment teaches us about the Medieval Times, their Weaponary, and their armor and their batles and wars.


The End!

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