Agents of Socialization
Kayla Benjamin


My family taught me a lot of things.  As a child I played sports, which taught me sportsmanship and also to never give up.  I grew up constantly playing with my sister and cousins.  That taught me how to be nice to others, and to share, and also how to play.  My family taught me values such as holidays and religion.  As a kid I traveled a lot with my family, both on planes and long car rides.  That taught me to have patience and exposed me to many different places and cultures.  My favorite childhood show was "Bear and the big blue house", that show was a big influence because it showed me my capabilities, and what a child my age should be doing.  I did not always listen to my parents, but if Bear said it I would jump right to it. 

a TV show called Bear and the Big Blue House


School has been a major impact on my life.  School taught me work ethic, and that you get out what you put in.  If I wanted to have good grades, I would have to work hard.  It showed me that if I make a mistake there could and most likely was going to be some type of punishment.  That showed me to think about my actions before I do them.  School showed me the real world, it showed me what it's like to not have your parents around, it gave me many responsibilities.  It also showed me many life values, such as being on time is important, following rules made life easier, and last it showed me who I was without my parents. I had to take what they showed me and incorporate it into by daily life.

video showing me how to factor

Peer Groups

If anyone has had an extreme impact on  my life it would be my peers.  Peers give you a place to fit in and show you where you belong, and some groups show you where you don't belong.  My peers have an influence on how I dress, and my interest.  They do not have a big impact on me as much as they should, but I think that is a good thing.  The would has too many copies and not enough originals.  I think my peers have showed me what I do not want to be more than making me who I am today.  Peers show you what is popular at a time, and also in a way control what is sociably acceptable, some good and some bad.  They influence me the most because I am around them almost everyday, and they appeal to me.  My peers are in close in age to me, and we all go through the same experiences, in which give us all something the same for us.  I believe that is why peers have such an impact in your life.

"my Generation" by Damian Marley and Nas (goat)

Mass Media

Mass media is a way to reaches masses of people and to tell them the "news".  Mass media does not have much of an impact on my life honestly.  I feel as if we used it honestly it would, but all the media seems to do is lie.  They tell you parts of the truth but only what the system wants you to know.  Knowledge is power, thus why the mass media only tells us enough to be content, never enough to be knowledgeable about a topic.  I feel mass media is a way to control society.  Mass media shows us what is popular, who we should look up to, what we should eat, read, and how to act.  It teaches you to NOT think for yourself, shows you that if you conform you will be accepted.  I just feel like the media abuses its influence on society.  It contorts our bodies, our beliefs, and even our values.  Shows a false hope and an unrealistic idea of this "American Dream".  The mass media is way too negative, and our world needs more positive vibes. 

Video showing how the mass media influences our everyday choices

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