fishing for a second chance

Fishing for second chances thinking and concentrating about life and what i have to be greatful for :)

caught off - guard while walking around with friends :)

One day walking around with friends just chilling and hanging out enjoying fresh air unil it gets hot .

mirror image

just taking a picture and loving my camera so much :)


i love this shirt so much it's my most absolute favorite shirt :)

flower drinking water

Went outside after a winter down pour where it rained for hours on end and wouldnt stop beautiful after affects of a flower getting poured on

memories left of valentines day

a bouquet of roses with a purple bow from valentines day :)

oh no, the worlds upside down

While walking out around the neighborhood i saw a mirror and got a great idea as one of my clsoe friends followed me then used it later on in a quote photo assighnment actually turned out really good .#beingcreative .

Something so tiny can be beautiful in desquise

little orange original flower havent seen one like that before and i thought it was pretty :)

extrodinary vibrant

a picture of a bucket full of purple and pink flowers that were very bright and vibrant .

nature path

walking deep in the woods happen to see this and saw a path under neath a fallen struck tree .

my mom on mothers day of 2014

mothers day

1st generation , 2nd generation and 3rd generation :) grandma, daughter and grand daughter .

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