Advances in Eye Colors and What Kind of Traits They Are

All traits have a title, either dominant or recessive. Depending on which one a trait is depends on whether it appears on the human body, in someone's DNA. Here are some examples.  (Info from Everyone thought what traits a baby had were all luck and chance, but that's not the only option anymore. Now people can choose the traits their baby has, though it's a bit pricey.

How it Works:

Women can get embryos, small things that contain babies that could possibly be born. The doctor can say how many embryos are girls and how many are boys. Depending on how many are taken out, so many can be put back in. Though the more a woman has, the least likely some are going to survive.

Women can also look into these catalogs where men give their genetics to women who can't have children with their current spouse, or maybe a woman wants kids but not a husband. In these catalogs, people from places like Harvard are often seen.

These ways, people have more control over what their children look like!

Browns eyes are a dominant eye color
Blue eyes are a recessive eye color
Green eyes are a recessive eye color
Hazel eyes are a recessive eye color
Grey eyes are a recessive eye color

How to Know if Traits are Dominant or Recessive

Dominant traits overpower recessive traits if it is present, hence the name dominant. These traits are represented by a capitol letter (B or R for example). Let's say, for example, two people want to have a kid. The husband is homozygous (has the same traits) for his blue eyes and the wife is heterozygous (has different traits) for her brown eyes. What are the child's chances of having blue and brown eyes? (Photo from

The child would have a 50% chance of having blue eyes and a 50% chance of having brown eyes.

There Are So Many Traits!

All traits have a dominant or recessive title, earlobes, joints, lips, and freckles and other facial features. There are just too many to name! Here is a list!

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