Green Sea Turtle Population in Florida From 1993 to 2010
By: Maddie Grippe

What is the percent of change in Atlantic Green Sea Turtle nests in Florida from the years 1993 to 2010?

~Nest numbers in Florida have ranged from 435 laid in 1993 to 13,225 in 2010, which likely represents over 5,000 females nesting in 2010 in the U.S.

*In the year 1993 there were roughly 435 Atlantic Green Sea Turtle nests laid around the coasts of Florida

*In the year 2010 researchers estimated about 13,225 turtle nests laid on Florida's coasts.

In my opinion I think that this change is a good change because around 435 nests is extremely low, and going up that much really makes me happy, because turtles are becoming endangered.  This change honestly doesn't surprise me, because it has been so long that this change it correct, and seems like a good change.  If you want to see the percent of change, and how to find the percent of change watch the video below.  Also, if you are looking on how to find the percent of change look at the equation photo below too.

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