Using Online Images

Be responsible when finding images online.

You have permission to use some for school projects... but not all.

You aren't allowed to use the first picture, but you are allowed to use the second.  Why?

I found the first image on Google.  I did not have permission to copy and use the picture for my school project.

I found the second image on Pics 4 Learning, a website that has TONS of images for school use.

Be a good digital citizen and use images responsibly!

Good Websites for Images

  • Pics 4 Learning
  • And library databases:
    • National Geographic Kids
    • World Book Online
    • Gale Kids InfoBits
  • You can find links to these databases from your library website.  Find your school on the links below this presentation.


When you use an image in your project.

Write the citation below the picture.

Here is where you find the citations for the different image websites:

Elementary Databases