Deciduous Forest

The average temperature in the Deciduous Forest is 50 degrees Farenehit.

Average precipitation   

The average precipitation is 30 to 60 inches a year.  

deciduous forest trees

Some of the Deciduous Forest trees are oak, Chestnut Hickory, Beech,Elm, Basswood, Lindon, Walnut, and Sweetgum trees.  

Deciduous Forest animals

Some of the Deciduous Forest animals are Twanny owl, Raccoon, Opossum, Salamander,Black bear, Bobwhite quail, Northern copperhead, White tail deer, and Chipmunk.    

5 Interesting facts!!!

1. The seasons are regular.  

2. Deciduous Forest means " Falling off at maturity" or " tending to fall off"

3. They get a lot of rain

4. Sometimes the temps reach freezing but the plants adapt.

5. Deforestation is a threat to this biome

A narrative!!

  • If you had to go on a trip to say a forest like deciduous forest how would you survive? First when you arrive look at your surroundings. After that look for a river or a place with water. When you do so and you find a river make a shelter. If you have a tent that’s not really going to help you so you will need to find some good dry wood and if you have something sharp cut the wood so it can be put in the ground. After doing so put the tent on top of it for a stable roof. When your done you would go to the river and get some water and if you can catch a fish I would. The three surviving tips I would give is to always be alert. Try to go fishing for food. Always build shelter by the river so your close to water.

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