War is not for children

child soldiers, an issue that needs to be solved

In our modern societies, social issues like racism or slavery tend to be forgotten about. Indeed, these so called ‘’archaic problems’’ may seem solved or old fashioned, but because we refuse to see something doesn’t mean it ceases to exist. Child soldiers are the perfect exemple of the situation. Taken away from their families at a young age, these children are taught that killing is the solution and are brain washed to worship a cult and a cause they probably don’t understand. In 2010, over 300 000 children around the world were known to be soldiers or in the process of becoming one, a large number of them are found in african countries like Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Peolpe like Joseph Kony are responsible for these crimes. Leader of the LRA ( Lord’s Resistance Army), he is responsible for the abduction of over 66 000 children all over Africa. During over two decades, he tried to turn Uganda into a theocracy, where he would rule in the name of god’s messenger. We usually think it is impossible for us, average citizens, to stop people like Joseph Kony and that solving these social issues is out of our reach. However, in 2012, the ‘’KONY campaign’’prouved us wrong. By going viral all arounf the world, this video made by the ‘’Invisible Children’’, an association that preaches the equal value of all human life, brought awareness on this hidden cause and on what Joseph Kony was getting away with for over two decades. The majority of the money raised by this campaign went directly to the mobilization in Central Africa. Indeed, helping the victims is as important as catching the peolple responsible for causing this crisis.You can do so by becoming part of the mouvement and getting involved in the fundraising programs put in place by the ‘’Invisible Children Association’’. You can also donate to different organisations like ''Child Soldiers International'' to help stop the recruitment and involvement of children in armed conflict.