unit 3: patterns and processes

David M

The game is all about power and how the government works like silencing and how the real world works. Month one we had a lot of cooperation with treaties  we also saw a lot of power change and hate towards other groups. Most of the groups were basically acting nice and the United states was in the back seeing how the countries were acting. The games was all about power and msu's. Month 2 was all about the change in power and the Army and wealthy were the ones in power and following was the guerrillas. there were a bunch of treaties in this month such as the peasants getting a treaty to vote for the army and wealthy and in return they got some msu's and were able to gain some power. Towards the end of the month we started seeing more and more treaties and greediness arise. Month 3 I started to see the votes come to an end and see the army and wealthy try to get the last votes possible. The last part of the game and when the election went on and the army and wealthy came in first and the Guerrillas.

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