CO-Dominant Camellia Cultivar

Inheritance Patterns

  1. Much like the roan cow the Camellia Cultivar has two traits that do not over power each other they just add to the effect of what the flower will look like.
  2. However they do not combine together like Incomplete Dominance.
  3. Unlike other geneotypes found in dominant and recessive things these flower are multi colored meaning the alleles they get from their "parents" decide what colors they share instead of a blend.
  4. All offspring of the parent will be Co-dominant.
  5. Both dominant alleles can be seen 100%  compared to only seeing two 50% alleles.


  1. The Camellia cultivar can be a CO-dominant flower and Incomplete Dominant.
  2. CO-dominant alleles always appear even if their parents are not CO-dominant.

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