“Wherever you go, there you are.”

Heath Jackson

I Believe

I believe in the ritual of collecting seashells at the beach,

the more pride you have in yourself, the more pride others will have in you,

the beach is where you should go if you,

the first impression is very important,

the special bond between mother and daughter, the love sisters share, the power of music, and the love of God,

But I do not believe that anyone is born evil.

I believe in treating other the way you want to be treated,

I believe in being a daddy’s girl,

I believe in love, hate, symphonies, and silence,

And I believe in striking fear upon the opposing team when I spike.

My Personal Credo

     My personal credo comes from my dad, “Wherever you go, there you are.” He has said this since I was a little girl. He means it in a humorous manner, but I think it still applies to the way I live my life. In sports, if you make a bad play you must think of how you can improve it and move on. This statement applies to my social life and academic life as well. Do not live in the past. Live in the present.

     Just recently, my father and I were talking about what colleges I wanted to go to, and he humorously explained to me “Wherever you go, there you are.” Although he says this often, I still thought it was quite witty, but after I thought about it for a while it became more personal. To me, it meant that I needed to not worry about what had happened earlier in the game or the day. I need to focus on what was going on now so I could improve on whatever I’m doing.

     When I participate in athletics, academics, or social happenings, my beliefs are important to me because they are one of the unique things that make me my own individual. After reading the book Anthem by Ayne Rand, I appreciate being my own person more than I did before. My beliefs are that you shouldn’t linger in the past when you can live in the moment, and that everyone should be confident in themselves. If I don’t stick to my beliefs, I am just letting society mold me into something I’m not, like a piece of Play-Doh in a day care.

     I do believe that my credo will change as I get older and more mature. As you grow up, for the most part, your priorities change. My credo when I am 30 will most likely be very different from when I was 12. My credo now is much different from when I was ten. I remember that when I was ten years old, I used to think “who cares what adults think”. Now I care very much what they have to say because I have matured and learned that they usually know and want what is best for you. If I go by the credo I have now, “Wherever you go, there you are” it will help me to be more assertive in my decisions and it will help me move past mistakes in sports.

     My credo is always going to be important to me. Not just because my dad made me laugh with it several times, but because I hope it will help me to better succeed in life. I would charge others to listen to my credo because who knows, it might help them get through a mental block in athletics, or help them to be more focused on their future.

By Claire Jackson

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