Coastal Plains

A great place to visit.
By Kendall Jackson and Cheyenne Cox


Come and visit the beautiful coast of Georgia, where we have fantastic beaches that you can see baby sea turtles hatch out. Come to the beaches and tour and climb the historical lighthouses. The views from the lighthouses are phenomenal. Then there are the beautiful Barrier Islands that protect Georgia, but have amazing beaches. Also in the savannah we have the Providence Canyon which is the mini Grand Canyon. If you are looking to be on the wild side you should try our ghost tours in savannah. Then there is the beautiful Okefenokee swamp with gators and birds of all kinds.


The coastal plain is a flat region that has bunches of beaches. The temperature is mild-temperate so crops grow fast and deliciously. 


If you are thinking about moving your business to Georgia, its a good idea, because Georgia has a mild temperate climate and beautiful physical features such as, the Okefenokee Swamp which provides many homes to over a thousand plants and animals, also a great place to visit. Georgia Coastal plains also has the Savannah river which has international trade for goods. The businesses in the coastal plains are fishing, construction, transportation, retail shops, restraunts, forestry, and recreational stuff. If you are thinking about starting any of these businesses here in the coastal plains it would more than likely be a great job.

Economic Activity

The Economic Activity in the coastal plains is fishing, restraunts, peanuts, cotton, peaches, and vidalia onions.

Physical Features

The coastal plains has many physical features people don't take the time to see. One physical feature is the Savannah river, which makes up the east coast of Georgia, and is a major international shipping port. Another physical feature is the Chatahoochee river which makes up the west coast of Georgia and provides drinking water and hydroelectric power. There is also the fall line, that is what seperates the coastal plains from the piedmont region, plus it has pretty waterfalls and provides hydroelectricity. One of the most beautiful physical features is the barrier islands that protect our coast. Perhaps the most toured physical feature is the Okefenokee swamp, it is the second largest fresh water swamp in the united states, and is home to over thousands of plants and animals.