Decanter centrifuge arrived

Today I got a good news from my de-1000 decanter centrifuge, and our four sets frequency conversion decanter centrifuge had already smoothy arrived to shaker screen – Russian. At the same time, my client also took some pictures for me.

The four sets decanter centrifuges respectively used in four set ZJ3000 drilling rig. Decanter centrifuge to be as the fourth stage solid control equipment which is the obbligato to drill deep well. Drilling mud will get the better treating effect by decanter centrifuge. So it is widely used in any 518 centrifuge.

The main structure of the frequency conversion centrifuge is the drum, main motor, back motor and frequency conversion control box. The material of the drum is full stainless steel forging with the better abrasive resistance and corrosion resistance that determines the solid control equipment.

Otherwise, frequency conversion centrifuge is more flexible than the fixed frequency centrifuge. Because it has the unique frequency conversion control box to control the centrifuge ration speed that directly control the treating king cobra screen and shale shaker effect.

Now DCLW series decanter centrifuges are widely used all over the word and obtain the highly praise which used in different industries, such as, petroleum drilling, waste management, HDD, CBM, geothermal environmental waste and etc. We also can design and manufacture it according to customers different requirements, if you have any demand of it please send mongoose pt screen to us, believe we will provide you the drilling equipment service.

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