Subtracting and Adding Fractions/Mixed Numbers

By: Trenton Roney

The Fraction is 3/6 + 1/2. You would have to times the 2 by 3 and get 6. You would then do the same thing to the 1. So u would then add 3/6 + 3/6 and it = 6/6 which is also equivalent to 1 whole. That is how to add fractions.

So lets say you have 2 3/5 of water. Then you wanted to add another 1 3/5 of water. You would not have to multiply anything because the denominators are the same. You would add 3 + 3 which equals 6. Then you would add the whole numbers which is 2 + 1 . It equals 3. So right now u should have 3 6/5 which is an improper fraction. To simplify it you would have to add 1 whole and take away the denominators value away from the numerators value and you would end up with 4 1/6. That's how you add Mixed Numbers.

So lets say you had 4 candy bars. 3 of your friends wanted some and you wanted to know how much you would have left. You gave them each 1/2 a candy bar. The equation for this problem would be 4  0/2- 1  1/2. You would then have to borrow from the 4 to subtract. You have to make the 4 a 3 and then add 2 to the 0. So right now your problem would be 3  2/2 - 1  1/2. You would subtract the mixed numbers and then the numerators. Your problem would equal 2  1/2.   

This is the same concept from above. So you have 8 slices of an orange and you take 4/8 away from it. So your equation would be 8/8-4/8. You would Subtract 4 from the eight and would leave the denominators alone because they are the same. Your fraction would then be 4/8. Your simplified answer is 1/2.