Honor Flight

Honor Flight is trying to help every ww veteran get to our nations capital.

Veterans boarding the plane.

                                                 Honor Flight KC

Did you know honor flight tickets are Free? If you are a World War
Two veteran,just go to the address below to sign up for Honor flight
KC .It is one of the best organazations ever,because Honor Flight is
trying to help every veteran in the country get to our nations capital.

helps the veteran to get to the memorial also to honor there lost loved
ones,For example imagine if your one of your family members went to
war and never came came back...wouldnt you want to go see them?Honor flight
Honor Flight is the best organasation ever because,It has transported 7,424 veterans nation wide.Like I said Honor
Flight KC is one of the best organasations ever, because Honor flight
is trying to help every veteran in the country get to our nations capital.For example:3/2/2013 HARVEST MOON BAND FUNDRAISER , The
event raised almost $4,000 dollars from donations and auction
items.The sponsors include UPS, Furniture Medic, Sonic, McDonald's,
Brookdale Living, Quik Trip, Hy-Vee, Metcalf Discount Liquor, Stone
Pillar Winery and Vineyard, Burger King. John Paul II School, School
of Religion Program at Queen of the Holy Rosary, Troop 295, Knights
of Columbus, Perfect Stitches Embroidery. US Airways, Kansas City
Royals. Blacksheep Custom Cakes, ADA Fundraising, and many
other,Honor flight is also helping recent and senior veteran get to our
world war 2 memorial,for example when we donate money it goes to
honor flight and that's how they pay for airplane tickets.I
believe everyone must donate to
Honor Flight KC, And hurry we are losing world war 2 veterans
at a rate of 800 a day!


They all say THANKYOU

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