The Issue of Racial Inequality In Nickeled and Dimed

Coleman Richard

In the United States Blacks have the highest poverty rate at 27 percent but they are followed closely by Hispanics and other minorities. Whites have to lowest percent of people in poverty at only 10 percent falling below the line. It is also quite clear from these statistics that the South is much more poverty stricken that the less rural states of the North.

College Advantages

On average college graduates make 66 percent more than a non-college graduate and are more likely to be hired than someone who does not have a degree.

As you can see in image three there are many more degrees in all level awarded to whites that there are any other race. This is also affecting females because they receive a substantially smaller amount of degrees then the males.

A company is much more likely to higher someone that has a college degree but no experience simply because they have a higher education.

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3 years ago

In this I am trying to prove that it is not fair for minorities in the United States to progress from the lowest of the poverty into the higher levels of society. They start with less and so it is impossible to get a higher education therefore making it hard for them to get a better job.