Chemical Engineering

by Gabrielle Hill

Summary of the Job:
Chemical engineers have jobs that include the invention and  of chemicals, fuel, foods, drugs (pharmaceuticals), and many other types of products. The job entails designing different processes and equipment for large-scale and sustainable manufacturing of products, testing and/or supervising the production and treating of byproducts.

Why I found Chemical Engineering Interesting:
It was very cool to see how a chemical engineer, who is usually associated with mixing different chemicals together to create another chemical, can actually do so much more. I found that I was very surprised when I found out that food science is also a type of chemical engineering, because that's not the first thing that comes to mind. I also found it interesting that a chemical engineer also uses math and science (chemistry) to develop more environmentally friends solutions to everyday problems.

Specific Jobs in Chemical Engineering:

Designing enviormentally-friendly cleaning products

Developing a type of chemotherapy that has fewer side effects

Turning seawater into drinking water

Developing new ways of mass producing vaccines to ward off epidemics and pandemics

Reduce pollution by developing cleaner sources of energy.


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