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Where Cuba?

Cuba is located near the Bahamas, beneath Florida, next to Haiti, and above Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. It is located near the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

Cuba Weather

Weather in Cuba is pretty warm all year. Perfect for a day at the beach! Seeing that it is close to the equator. If you want to go, don't pack sweaters! You'll end up burning. The lowest average is in January, 70 degrees Fahrenheit! Click below for full year round averages, and below that for the weather right now!

Cuba Geography

The geography in Cuba is simply gorgeous. It contains multiple bodies of water, as well as a few elevated areas. Rain forests, waterfalls, rivers, and beaches can all be found in the picture perfect island.

Cuba Facts

You may know what Cuba is, but you also need to know the facts.

~Official Language: Spanish

~Capital: Havana

~Motto: "¡Patria o Muerte, Venceremos!" (Translation: "Homeland or Death, we shall overcome!")

~Anthem: La Bayamesa


Coat of arms:

What Cuba?

Cuba is the number one place to go for attractions. From magnificent beaches, to El Nicho Waterfalls. This Tourist hot spot has it all.

~Sea Turtle Hatchery (Villas Iguana, Cayo Largo, Cuba)

~El Morro (Havana, Cuba)

~El Yunque (10km west of Baracoa off the Moa road., Baracoa, Cuba)

~El Nicho Waterfalls (Cienfuegos, Cuba)

~Fusterlandia (Jaimanitas, Havana, Cuba)

~ Plaza Mayor (Trinidad, Cuba)

Beach Cuba

Now, we all know that Cuba is famous for it's beaches. After all, it is an island. Here are a few of the must see paradises enclosed within Cuba.

~Playa Maguana

~Cayo Sabinal

~Playa Tortuga

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