The Gift

By: Brandi Ercolano

"Hey Lennie, wake up! We gotta clear out and get to bucking that barley." "Mmm... Just give me a few more minutes, I'm pooped." Said Lennie in a very low raspy voice. It was about five thirty in the morning and it was time to get out to the fields, that's usually how they all started their day. " Alright, lets go Lennie, time to rassel up that damn barley." "Okay, okay, I'm coming George. " After about five long hard hours everyone goes back up to the bunkhouse and washes up to go out to town. Lennie decides to stay home and catch up on some sleep. About an hour later Lennie is deep into his sleep and begins to drift off to dream land. " Hey Lennie! It's me, your Aunt Clara! " Lennie was shocked and very excited to see his wonderful aunt who he loved very much. " Lennie I brought you a gift." Aunt Clara then pulls out a mouse from her poke and hands it to Lennie. " Curley has been telling you to much bum steer lately and I wanted to give you this mouse because I know how happy it makes you. " The mouse from Aunt Clara was ment to be a warning for Lennie about Curley because he is set on the trigger to throw a scare. " WOW! A mouse! Oh boy how I missed petting and hugging and touching and feeling and petting!!! Thank you Aunt Clara." Lennie exclaimed jumping up and down with excitement.

" Lennie! " George and everyone came back to the bunkhouse around twelve thirty in the afternoon. " Lennie, your still sleeping ? You missed a great day at town. " said George. Lennie was half awake by now the sound of the door slamming and George yelling woke him up. " Is that you George? " said Lennie. " Yes Lennie, it's me and everyone is here also. " Lennie got up out of bed but did not want to tell anyone, not even George about Aunt Clara visiting. Not long after, Curley came over to the bunkhouse to talk to George, when Lennie noticed Curley talking to George he got yella-jackets in his drawers but since he was warned by Aunt Clara he was cracking to go up to Curly and see if he was going to say anything. After a few minutes of debating on whether to go up to him or not, Lennie walked over there. As soon as Lennie got over by Curly and George, Curley started to be very rude. Lennie said, " Hey Curley, why you being so mean? " Suddenly without any hesitation Curley swung, cut off Lennie's wind. Right away George rabbits in and breaks it up and kicks Curley out of the bunkhouse. Lennie caught his breath and said, " I knew he was set on the trigger, what a punk, damn yella." " Oh don't worry about him Lennie, just stay away and ignore him, " said George. " He just trys to throw a scare." Lennie then just went about his day and out that behind him.

Lennie stayed away from Curley, all he was, was a punk. About two months later Lennie ran into Curley at the wrong place at the wrong time. They exchanged a few words but Lennie wanted no part of it. Of course Curley kept picking scraps with Lennie just because he does not like him. Curley then with no hesitation pulls out his rifle and shoots Lennie right in the chest just outside of the town near the bunkhouse. A few days later was Lennie's funeral and everyone was there. About a month past by and the police found out that it was Curley who shot and killed Lennie, they went to his house and arrested him infront of everyone. He was going to be in the slammer for a while and no one was worried about him anymore. The town was pretty gloomy for the next two months but there was nothing they could do, they just continued on with their lives and George, although he was upset he went on with his life without having to worry about Lennie.

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