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  • Maximum size: 6"
  • Water temperature: 76-86° F
  • Swimming level: Middle
  • Tank Setup: 29+ gallons moderately planted

The angel fish needs a 29-gallon or larger aquarium and for decor it is recommended to decorate it with rocks,driftwood and plants, but needs to be places near the sides and back of the tank so they have space to swim to the center. And the compatibility with the angel fish is they should not be house with highly aggressive tank mates or fin nippers. They can share also share the tank with non-aggressive cichlids.

Kenyi African Cichlid

  • Maximum size: 6"
  • Water temperature: 72-82° F
  • Swimming level: Middle
  • Tank Setup: 29+ gallons, plus rock and/or driftwood

Kenyi African Cichlid are generally peaceful with fish of the same size but may eat any fish small enough to fit into their mouths. They may also be territorial and aggressive to others of their species. Cichlids are also middle-swimmers,


  • Maximum size: 6"
  • Water temperature: 64-75° F
  • Swimming level: Middle
  • Tank Setup: 29+ gallons, lightly planted

Fancy Goldfish should have their aquarium spaced with driftwood or rockwork, but should have a large open area in the center of the aquarium for swimming. Fancy Goldfish tend to swim in the middle of the aquarium. The Fancy goldfish will eat live plats and tiny, living creatures like small crustaceans and aquatic larve, since they eat living plants, to to go for plastic plants instead

The calculations of our fish tank is a medium fish tank which is 10800 inches which is 225 dollars the cubic feet of our medium fish tank is 900 cubic feet. The amount of gravel we need for the fish tank is 4.2 bags of Bright White gravel that costs $25.3 . We are also purchasing Water filters, heaters and lights which adds up to $156

2x Kenyi African Cichlid=$13.78 2x Angel Fish=$9.98 2x Fancy Goldfish=$65.98

With everything including the fish in total the fish equal $662.28

The Decor we bought for our fish to help them stay in their comfort zone in their prisons are

  • Blue Medium w/ Rock base $10
  • Blue Ribbon Plant $15
  • Tall Driftwood $40
  • Driftwood $35
  • Rock cave $35
  • Castle Bridge $30
  • Volcano Bubbler $25

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