Auriel Bryant


Cotton is a white, soft, downy fiber. Its attached to a seed of a cotton plant. Cotton is the most used of all natural fibers. It is grown in warm climates such as in the Southern US. It shrinks in hot water, strong and durable, absorbent, cool to wear. Cotton is commonly used jeans, shirts, underwear, socks and etc.


The fiber that forms the coat of sheep. Primary sources are South Africa, New Zealand, South America, and United Kingdom. Wool is soft and resilient, naturally flame retardant, naturally flame retardant, it will shrink if you machine wash it. Its affected by moths. Wool is commonly used for rugs, carpet, sweater and etc.


Flax comes from a flax plant. Its grown and harvested primarily in Eastern Europe. Its made by weaving or knitting flax fiber into fabric. Commonly used for pants, blazers, table line, and upholstery. Its durable and strong lustrous and smooth comfortable and cool to wear.


Silk is fine, lustrous fiber that comes from a cocoon spun by a silkworm. The silkworm forces two fine streams of a thick liquid out of tiny openings in its head. Its strongest of all natural fibers,drapes nicely expensive, easily spots if fabric becomes wet. You have to dry clean or hand wash according to care label.

Leather or Fur

Leather is tough, flexible material made by preserving animal hides through a process called tanning. Leather is mostly used for handbags, belts, jackets, and shoes. Some sources are goats, goatskins.

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