Important Milestones By The End Of 1 year

Shanan Bentley

Social and Emotional:  Shy or anxious with strangers.

Cognitive: Finds hidden objects easily.

Language: Responds to "no".

Movement: Crawls forward on belly.

Hand and Finger Skills: Pokes with index finger.

Developmental Health Watch: Does not crawl.

Important Milestones By The End Of 2 Years

Social: More aware of him/herself as separate from others.

Emotional: Begins to show defiant behavior.

Cognitive: Begins to sort be shapes and colors.

Language: Points to object or picture when it's named for him/her.

Movement: Kicks a ball.

Hand and Finger Skills: Scribbles on his or her own.

Developmental Health Watch: Cannot walk by 18 months.

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