The Shermanator

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

Richard Sherman is the Miley Cyrus of football.

Let's get a couple of things out of the way up front. Yes I am a 49ers fan and yes that play was very disappointing. The ball is thrown 5 inches higher or Sherman gets a slightly later jump and that play would live on in 49ers history for years to come. But, neither of those things happened. Kap threw it a little bit short and Sherman made a hell of a play when he needed to. Ball deflected, interception made, Seahawks go to the Superbowl, scoreboard.

I am a little more intrigued in peoples take on Sherman's act. People are saying everything from he is a classless punk to he is a misunderstood, underprivileged genius from Compton via Stanford. I offer an alternate view of this situation.

Before his outburst Richard Sherman had a career path that would provide him success. He was destined to be a very good cornerback in this league on a very good team. He would leave football in about 6-10 years and move on to whatever things he was interested in. But instead he pulled a play from Miley Cyrus's playbook. Before Miley mounted Robin Thicke's leg on the VMA's she would have been successful but she was definitely not a superstar. My daughter would have never been caught dead at a Miley Cyrus concert before her twerk heard round' the world. Now she is the hottest thing in music, selling out stadiums and selling more albums than she could have ever imagined. Richard Sherman just replaced some items. Erin Andrews stood in for Robin Thicke and his mouth replaced Miley's sagging chicken butt. The results are the same. He twerked all up on America and he will reap the same benefit. You watch Fox NFL Sunday in 8 years and there is a 100% chance he will be sitting there with his dreadlocks draped across an expensive suit and sporting a million dollar smile. He has insured that he will be the next Michael Irvin, the next Deion Sanders. America loves the bad guy. His jersey will now outsell Russell Wilson's by droves. This guy knew exactly what he was doing. I applaud his intelligence and frown at all of our ignorance for not seeing this for what it was, a calculated and well thought out publicity stunt.

Richard Sherman - 1

America - 0