Gabon flag was adopted on the 9 of August and the year of 1960


Gabons official language is French. French is the only language that is taught in school.

                  Amazing foods

Rural Gabonese is usually eaten with the right hand.

               Cool places to vist

Spiritual Medium prepares a soccer stadium.


The Gabonese wear both Western and African clothing, like a dress. Kids wear shorts.  Men keep their hair short or shaved, sandals are also common foot wear for both men and women. Women like their hair braided. Women also war makeup and sometimes high heels.


Gabon is located in Africa on the border of the Atlantic Ocean.

                     Fun facts

As soon as the Europeans arrived in the 15th century, slaves and invory began being  escorted to Europe.

A boat in the 15th century


In Gabon the rights are limited. Our elections are usually considered free and fair. Also you can not vote until your 18 years old.

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