My name is Andrew and i love to go fishing and hunting. I like to listen to music all the time, like country and rap. And i also like riding my bike and wrecking.

Riding and Crashing on my Bike

I like to ride my bike and crash becauses its fun. Thats my form of entertainment.

Fishing is my favorite

I love to go fishing especially trout and bass. I go every year all the time in the summer.

Music is the best

Music is one of my favorite things to do! Country and rap are the best genres out there!

3 goals of mine

One of my goals are to join the Army Reserves and get a career out of it.

My future job I want

I want to become a future PA game commissioner after being in the Army Reserves.

Starting my career goal

i would like to get accepted into Mercyhurst in North East, PA from having experience in the Reserves going to be a game commissioner.

Where I want to go

I want to go to the Kodiac Island in Alaska for a brown bear hunt.

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