Rebekah Peyton

My name is Rebekah, or what I am referred to as more; Bekah. I play the saxophone in both concert band and marching band. I have been playing for five years. My pride and joy is drawing. I do both abstract and fantasy characters/portraits. I have been in three art shows, and hope to do more in the future.

Three interesting things about myself.

Cotton Candy Milkshakes

I love cotton candy milkshakes. I first had it in Mystic, Connecticut; where I was visiting my brother. We had milkshakes at a little diner, where I caught up with him. He now has a submarine contract in Washington state.

Drum Cores

I love both marching band and drum cores. There is a lot of time and dedication that goes into forming each set or picture. You also have to memorize music, include dynamics, and watch the drum major.


Black Bullet

I am an otaku, or a huge fan of anime. Anime is very different from cartoons, though they use similar methods of being created. Cartoons are solely based on humor, whereas anime has realistic issues or problems and is has better graphics.

Three Goals

The goal I would love to accomplish is to be an animator. I am working towards going to college for 3D design and animation. To create the next motion picture movie, a video game, or even an anime would be a dream come true. I also want to improve my musical skills by doing bell choir and jazz band.  In doing these, I hope to get a scholarship for music when I graduate. I would also like to have an A-B average in high school.

Place I'd like to visit

I would love to travel to Rome, Italy. Culture and architecture are very important to me. It shows how people in the past were able to use their creativity and superstitions to benefit their home.  

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