The best 2013 ever!!

By Baylee

The year of 2013

2013, was the best year so far! Out of all of the 12 years that i have been alive, so many interesting things happened that i never thought would! Heres a list of the top thing that happened in every month!


January. January was the first month of 2013 and by far one of the best months! In the past, i have done many things like modeling and stuff like that. But i have never ever done a commercial before! In January, I filmed my first commercial ever for peter Piper Pizza. From there, the year just kept getting better and better!

This teddy! He is 1 now but was about 9 weeks in this photo


February. In February, at the beginning of the month, my dog swallowed a piece of gum, and passed away. But for valentines day, i got a new valentine. It was a puppy! I got him at 8 weeks. He just turned one but ^^^ that was a picture from when we got him!


March. I am a competitive dancer, and in march we went to a competition called "Bravo!". At bravo, i did 6 large group numbers and 1 trio. My team took home everything! We won all of the awards, and just beat everyone! It was amazing and we were so proud of ourselves!


April. In April, i didn't do much. I pretty much just went to dance, got sick, and repeated that over and over again. But one thing that isn't really that good, was that my 3 year old brother Dylan (the one in the backseat) fell off the couch while reaching for a toy. We didn't have to end up taking him to the hospital, but he did have a large egg on his forehead.

This was the most fun but disgusting day ever!!!!


May. In may, my dad, my nine year old brother Jayden and I did the mud run. It was a lot of fun, but it was NASTY! I liked it because i'm a really active person and we did the 5K so it was pretty long but i got a lot of exercise! I didn't like it at the same time though because, well i'm running in mud!!!!! If you know me, i HATE anything dirty or messy!


June. In June, i got to see my favorite little cousin Ada. She lives in Ohio, so i only get to see her maybe once every 2 ish years! We went to Ohio for my other cousins wedding! I love going to see my moms side because they ALL live in Ohio... So i mostly get to see my dads side. Its awesome when i get to see the other side!


July. July was an amazing month because, 1. Its my birthday month and 2. My whole entire family went to Hawaii for 2 weeks! The first week, we were in Oahu and the second week, we stayed in a house in Maui on my birthday! Everyone from my dads side was there, and it got kind of hard to live with them all for 2 weeks, but we managed to get through it! It was so much fun!!!!!

Photo creds to one of my best friends named Coletteđź’•


August. August was the month that we started school! This was the year that i started at a new and bigger campus! I was hard at first trying to get used to things, but then i got a lot easier! Luckily, one of my best friends from a different school came, so i get to spend the whole year with her!


September. September was so much fun, because we ended up going to Disneyland for fall break! When we went on splash mountain, i had to sit in the way front! Last time i went on that ride, i didn't get wet at all! Well of course i'm sitting in the front and the drop comes... I'M SOAKED! Luckily i brought a change of clothes for at night when i get cold but i was freezing the rest of the day! Oh and don't mind my face!


October. On Halloween night, i spent it with some of my best friends from dance. Normal people just ring the doorbell and ask for candy... My friends and I, well we caroled for candy! Of course we didn't really eat a lot because we had a competition the next day! We got invited into peoples homes, video taped, and we felt like stars! It was amazing!


November. Ok so November was so cool! I got to dance and take a master class from Justin Timberlake's dancers! Then.... the next day, I WENT TO HIS CONCERT! I'm not obsessed with JT, but I know most of his songs! I went with my dad to the concert and it was so much fun! I had great seats too! Best night ever!


December. So, I ended the year with a little ice skating on the day after Christmas! Ice skating is really easy for me because I used to Figure skate and my mom was a teacher so she can help me out whenever! I had so much fun in 2013! I never really had a dull moment in these 12 months! What a great year!

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