Freedom View

By: Marissa Atilano and Nallely Martinez

   Magis quam fortis imperio/

   Better to be brave than to be controlled

  Red: Bravery                                                        Black: Determination

  Yellow: Freedom, Justice                                     Crossed Swords: Fighting for freedom

The Truth Behind The Constitution

Constitution of Freedom View


The name of this country will be Freedom View.



The purpose of this country is to provide true rights for our people and to not censor all punishments that come with wrong actions.

Some reasons for our country would be to have free education,have less severe punishment,freedom of speech,thoughts and actions. It will also provide our citizens to have a life of peace.


What are the requirements to be a citizen of your country? Requirements to become a citizen of our country would be to strongly want freedom from the Republic of Chaelin government.The citizens of Freedom View need to follow the Freedom View’s laws. They also need to be part of the Eodem Amore religion.


Savior Alexander would be the “president” of Freedom View. Freedom View would have a democratic government.The citizens of Freedom View would vote and elect the next “president” after the previous president turns 45 years of age.The right of equality would be permitted to all loyal citizens.The people of Freedom View will have a say about how they are governed in everything that affects their lives. The government will not become corrupt by letting the people vote for laws and allowing a jury to be present in all criminal cases.


The government will provide education of all citizens willing to attend school. The government will also provide farmers to ensure that all citizens of the country are fed. The government will provide equal rights to all committed citizens of Freedom View. The government will protect the people of Freedom View from the Republic of Chaelin or any other outside territory. The people are required to help harvest food for the citizens of Freedom View and men from the age of 17-30 will be recruited as part of our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.


The citizens of the Republic of Chaelin are forced inside their homes by sergeants each night by 5:00 p.m. and are restricted of performing any actions after that time.

Each child in the Republic of Chaelin is forced to separate from their families for 8 hours a day to learn the laws and proper ways of their government.

In the Republic of Chaelin every 15 year old child is removed from their family and forced to live on their own. They are forced to “better” the community which really means to serve the people that work within the government, hand and foot.

The government of the Republic of Chaelin forces everybody to wear the same uniform for an entire year. This is so no one will stand out and show other citizens the idea of being unique and different.

The people of the Republic of Chaelin are not allowed to interact with any other territories. The other territories may cause the minds of these citizens to be influenced and can inspire them to change or escape from their government. This will result in being sent into the UDL of Salang which is a labor camp.

In the Republic of Chaelin the men and women must maintain a certain weight that will keep them weak and unable to rebel against the government.

The Republic of Chaelin demands citizens to obey all of men in contact with them. They treat the women as slaves for any man who desires one.

The citizens of Republic of Chaelin are forced to worship Mistress Chaelin. This causes them to believe that Mistress Chaelin is a God and is the only hero located on this planet. They will then obey anything Mistress Chaelin demands and the government is able to control their people.

No one within the boundaries of the Republic of Chaelin in allowed to become homosexual. This will give them the sense of freedom and choice. the government does not want to allow their people to have true rights, they do not even get a say in who they love.

Each citizen must sing the Republic of Chaelin national anthem each morning and each night before resting. They are brainwashed by the lyrics after repeating the same words so many times. If they do not sing the national anthem they are not allowed to sleep. They will be sleep deprived by the government and their sergeants.


The education of Freedom View will be free to all citizens that are willing to attend school on all days assigned. Universities and Colleges will have deducted prices for students that have showed true potential in helping our government. Students that have struggled will need to pay to continue their education. The people that do not take advantage of our free education systems will become farmers and will help provide our country with food or become apart of our military forces.


The flag for our country is red, yellow, and black to show bravery, freedom, justice, and determination. The swords show how Freedom View will fight against the Republic of Chaelin to get true rights.


Savior Mila and Liberator Marissa will be the figurehead of our country.

        Savior Mila and Liberator Marissa

          Characteristics and Abilities

Savior Mila and Liberator Marissa have certain qualities that make them special to the people of Freedom View. Savior Mila is always able to justify the people of Freedom View. She has always helped those who no longer want to be citizens of the Republic of Chaelin escape and join this rebellion. She has a soft, kind face but is strict and her mind is determined on taking the Republic of Chaelin down. She punishes all who become traitors, but not nearly as horribly as the Republic of Chaelin would. Liberator Marissa has always been kind to her people and fought for the rights they believe they should have. She gives them the right to voice their opinion and actually listens to what her citizens have to say. She has always been rebellious against the Republic of Chaelin, but that has not turned her into a bad person. She fights against what is morally wrong and protects her people from outside influential territories, especially the Republic of Chaelin.

The Story of Savior Mila and Liberator Marissa

Savior Mila was born in the Republic of Chaelin. She was abandoned by her family at the age of 10 and had to finish raising herself. Her family had left because Mistress Chaelin had ordered them to be sent to the UDL of Salang. Savior Mila had stopped attending school and spent each day starving, desperate for food. She was willing to do anything to get a bite. One August, she was sitting on a street corner begging for food. Sergeants had arrested her for causing the citizens of the Republic of Chaelin to feel sincere. They said this might ruin their feelings towards their government and that was illegal. When she was released from torture by starvation, hard labor, and being isolated from the rest of the people, nothing had changed for her. She was still starving and still left alone on the streets. Liberator Marissa was 18 years old when she found Savior Mila on the verge of death. After Savior Mila had a few bites to eat she told Liberator Marissa what had happened to her. She started at her families abandonment and kept talking until she reached the present moment. Liberator Marissa had believed that the prisons had interrogated their prisoners with words and fed them on a daily basis. This showed her that the government was lying to the people. She realized that this couldn't be all they were lying about. Liberator Marissa and Savior Mila tried to expose the government about all of their lies. They were arrested several times for these illegal actions. After Savior Mila’s fourth arrest, dozens of people had gathered to decide how they would get her out. They protested for days outside the prison and Savior Mila had been rescued. This is when Savior Mila and Liberator Marissa had realized they had followers. Their followers began to grow and became more desperate. Then Freedom View was created to help protect all of these innocent civilians from the Republic of Chaelin and Mistress Chaelin.

Freedom View Anthem

The Republic of Chaelin is horrible

They think their actions are invisible

We might be a few,

But we fight for Freedom View

We fight for freedom even if

it takes us to our doom

We fight for what we believe in

and we will take mistress Chaelin to her tomb

We will never give up, so

Republic of Chaelin don't get your hopes up

Having Mila and Marissa as our leaders is the best

and we feel blessed

The Republic of Chaelin is horrible

They think that their actions are invisible

We might be a few,

But we fight for Freedom View

The Republic of Chaelin is horrible

They think that their actions are invisible

We might be a few,

But we fight for Freedom View

Propoganda Posters

The Ministry of "Love"

The Republic of Chaelin does terrible thing to their prisoners. Videos of their horrendous and harsh treatment against their prisoners, that are also their citizens, have been leaked. They hang their prisoners in public without doing any kind of investigation to see whether or not they have truly committed the crime the government imposed on them.They say that they do some special interrogation tactics, but what really occurs behind walls is that they torture them until they are to the point that they have to lie and say that they are guilty just to make them stop.Mistress Chaelin makes the citizens of the Republic of Chaelin think that they are the best and that everything is fine. However, the truth is that deep down where Mistress Chaelin can't reach them, they know that they live in extreme poverty. If the citizens get lucky they will get only two meals a day. Their meals do not consist of healthy or tasty food. The civilians were used to this kind of food because they have been eating this type of food since the day of their birth.The survival rates for infants is so low because the Mothers didn't get the right medical attention while they were pregnant, so many mothers had miscarriages.On average, most of the babies that were born only lived for about 4-6 months because they didn't have the right medical attention or the hygiene necessary for them to be healthy. The children were very frail and caught diseases extremely easily. They have a community meeting at the Odio Platea, which in english means plaza of hate. Here they give apples to anyone that goes and agrees to the hate speeches they give against Freedom View.Mistress Chaelin is a traitor. She stores nuclear bombs that are set up for her own peole. If any of her citizens rebel and find out the truth about the Republic of Chaelin, the bombs will detonate in less than half a second when the signal is given. She is prepared to kill anyone that stands in her way. No matter how small or how delicate, she will show no mercy.

Propaganda Video

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