Local and global weather patterns


What is wind ?

Wind is made when two air masses meet. Wind is the perceptible amount of air.

What is a sea breeze ?

A sea breeze is a breeze that moves toward the land from the sea. It's formed when the land heats up quicker than the sea.

What is a jetstream ?

A jet stream is a variable band of westerly air currents that transports weather.

What is a land breeze ?

A land breeze is an air current that moves toward the sea from the land. It's formed when the sea is warmer than the land.

What are global wind patterns ?

Global wind patterns are the outcome of thermodynamic principle and the Coriolis effect ( Google that) due to the rotation of the earth toward the east.

What are prevailing westerlies ?

Prevailing westerlies are one of the five wind zones or wind belts that compromise our atmosphere's circulatory system.

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