Jean-Jacque Rousseau's Theory of Evil

Rousseau's theory of evil

Rousseau discussed his theory of evil, by saying evil came from the things people do in society. "Humans beings are evil because their experiences with society have made them evil." In his theory, they were being evil because of jealousy. The people were jealous because they didn't want anyone to have better things than them. "Living among people and families gave birth to jealousy and envy because neighbors invariably compared their abilities and achievements with one another... the powerful men with property oppressed the weak ones without property..." The feelings they had caused them to have conflicts amongst others, commit crimes, and to not trust. In his theory, he discussed how people being themselves would help prevent these things from happening. "Instead of being what she truly is, a human being saw herself as the others saw her... to raise her children so that their natural self will be realized instead of allowing them to be molded according to the values of society..."


What is the Origin of Inequality among Men, and Is It Authorized by Natural Law?


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