14 Animals Who Are Living The Life

1. This dog ridin’ in style:

“You wish your windswept hair looked this good.”

2. This penguin who has a whole frozen tundra to bust a move:

“Everyone knows I need my SPACE to get down to my tunes.”

3. This tiny monkey getting a tiny massage:

“Aaahhh, that crick in my neck has been bothering me all day!”

4. This cat who just wants to shake his booty:

“I know it’s a darn cute booty. Bring on the salsaaa!”

5. This pig having a blast with his friend:

“Yep, you just sit there, and I run around in circles and jump all over you until I get dizzy! Weeee!”

6. This sleepy duckling snoozin’ in the sun:

“So warm…and so…Zzz.”

7. This roly-poly panda:

“Whatever it is you’re doing, you KNOW you’d rather be tumbling down a soft, grassy hill.”

8. This slow-dancing dog couple:

“It’s love at first box step.”

9. This bear who knows what trees are really good for:

“Aaahhh, sweet, sweet relief.”

10. This wolf pup relaxing in the breeze:

“Whew, being furry and adorable is hard work!”

11. This cat mixing some sick beatz:

“These claws are meant for SCRATCHIN’! Imma get a dance party going up in heerrre!”

12. This otter with a need for speed:

“Girl, you gonna be laaaate. See ya!”

13. This bunny who is the star of the farm:

“You should see the horses try to dance, LOL.”

14. And this dog who’s got a cuddle buddy for as long as he wants:

“You ain’t going nowhere, human.”

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soooo cute

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These are cute and funny at the same time!

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who likes my huskies

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I love this it's tots adorbs

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Lovable and astonishing 😘 😘 😘