#Andrew's Rocking Summer

At Central Park with my friends! I'm on the far left.

Also went to Canada!

Also, towards the end of last school year and the start of Summer, I went to Quebec with my French class. Here is a picture of one of the old cathedrals up north.

I also went to the Harvey Cedars Bible Conference in New Jersey.

This picture was taken at the Barnegat Lighthouse along the top of the beach.

Here is a map of where Harvey Cedars is.

The lighthouse is above the pointer right before the other beach turns green.

This Summer, I was pretty busy! Aside from going to New York, Canada, and New Jersey, I also went to Grove City in western PA to drop my brother off for College. The rest of my summer was mostly spent running, reading, and hanging out with my friends. I can't wait for this school year at #PALCS.

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