U.S  History Timeline

Jorge Ramos                                             6th period                                                          10/21/14

      Spanish-American War  
April 1898

The Spanish American War was fought because Spain sank the U.S.S. Maine. The US went to war and beat Spain. This showed the world the US's power at war. Th US took some colonies from Spain and freed Cuba.

                   Treaty of Paris                   1898

The Treaty of Paris was written after the Spainsh American War and was a discussion about what to do with the colonies.

Annexation of Hawaii
January 1898

The annexation of Hawaii was a important step in making the US a world power. It expanded the reach of the US.

Panama Canal

Panama Canal was built to because after the Spanish American war the US realized that it took way too long to get around to the Pacific Ocean. So by building a canal it would cut the trip in more than half.

German U-boats

German U-boats were made by the Germans in the midst of WWI they used to there advantage in sinking ships and scaring their enemies.

Pure Food and Drug Act
June 03, 1906

The Pure Food And Drug act was passed because foods and drugs were made so cheap to the point where they were unhealthy. So the government, passed a law saying that they have to be held to a certain standard. This made the US look more civilized.

World War I
August 1, 1914

WWI started because of an assassination, and because of alliances the war was blown out of proportion. Making it a world war. The US joined in the last year and ended the war.

U.S. trade with Great Britain

The U.S. was in the midst of trading with the G.B. during WWI, which might had done something to which side the U.S decided to help after choosing a side in the war.

German Proclamation
February  15, 1915

British Isles considered war zones. Germany made  it a dangerous place.

Sinking of the Lusitania
May 7, 1915

The German sank a commercial ship called the Lusitania. Americans were killed the US furious .

Sussex Pledge

After the Sinking of the Lusitania . Germany apologized The Sussex pledge was the apology saying Germany would not sink another ship.

Fiat Money

Money that only has value because of the reputation of the country but has no gold standard

Failure of Diplomacy
February 3, 1917

Germany despite saying sorry fro sinking ships. Germany KEPT seeking ship useing its U-boats.

Zimmerman Telegram
February 24, 1917

Telegram send from Germnay to Mexico trying to persuade them to attack the US for land.

Selective Service Act
May 18, 1917

The U.S began recruiting after it joined the war.

Espionage Act

The espionage act was a law passed because the government was afraid of the people spilling secrets.

Alvin York

Alvin York was a general

Argonne forest
September 26, 1918

A battle was fought at argonne forest it was a battle that ended WWI

Wilson's 14 Points
November 1918

Wilson wrote 14 points. What were these 14 points? They were points to help prevent another WW.

Treaty of Versailles
June 1919

The treaty of versace was a peace treaty put together by the Allies, the winners of the war. Germany and the Central Powers had no say in it.

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